Can I use Bamboo Sheets with my Earthing Underlay?

We’ve found sometimes that earthing through bamboo sheets is not as effective or as strong as through cotton sheets. 

To keep it simple, we suggest 100% Cotton sheets. 100% Cotton Flannelette, Linen, Silk, Lyocell / Tencel, and Wool are all fine. Bamboo (Viscose) may not earth as well, as it’s semi-synthetic. Avoid Polyester blend sheets. This is because some bamboo sheets don’t hold moisture as well as cotton, and moisture in the fabric creates tiny conductive channels for the earth’s free electrons to travel through.  Moisture comes from the humidity in the air, and from our body, which is always giving off some moisture even without perspiring.  

A bit more about Bamboo Fabric
While bamboo fabric uses cellulose from bamboo which is natural, it is turned into fabric fibres usually via a ‘viscose’ making process.  Most Bamboo fabric will be Bamboo Viscose, unless labelled Bamboo Lyocell.  The Lyocell fibre process is more expensive and uses more organic materials to make the fabric.

Earthing Underlay Design – when you lie on your earthing underlay or earthing inner pillowcase, the fabric layers are compacted and the slightest of body moisture or humidity creates conductive channels for the earth’s free electrons to travel through. The same applies to any bedclothes you wear – natural fibre cotton is better for earthing than synthetic clothing. 

Each layer of fabric and it’s thickness will also decrease the earthing strength a little, and moisture in fabric helps balance this out by increasing the conductive earthing strength for free electrons to conduct through fabric.

So recapping you will earth through a Bamboo sheet, but probably not as strongly as through a pure cotton sheet. Some people may be happy with a milder earthing experience. 

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