Indoor Earthing Products Explained

Earthing or grounding is the practice of being in conductive contact with the earth. Indoor earthing products are a convenient way to experience the earth’s energy while you are sleeping, relaxing at home or working in an office.

Our body seems to function better when we are earthed – with our bare feet on the grass or when we are touching an indoor earthing product or barefoot substitute.

You may find pain reduces, you sleep better, your blood circulation is improved and more. See a full list of benefits here.

What are Earthing Grounding Products?

Grounding products come in many shapes and sizes from large bedding products to a wristband and every size in-between.

Earthing is generally most effective when you do it regularly as benefits generally accumulate over time. So we recommend choosing a product that suits your lifestyle and is easy to use.

We are the only Australian manufacturer of earthing products, and our product range is unique. Here are some of our designs and ways to use them.

Type Where to Use
Fabric Grounding Mat by Better Earthing


grounding pad for day or night

This is our most versatile product.
You can sit on it at home or at the office. It works through clothing.
Place it on top of a desk to rest your forearms on.
Put your feet on it.
Sleep on it.
Put it inside a pillowcase and rest your head on it.
Pets love earthing and benefit too so give your cat or dog their own pad as a pet bed.
This fabric is robust like denim or soft canvas and is conductive on both sides.
Better Earthing Mat


Better Earthing mat in the office

Put it on the floor beneath your desk, and place your feet (bare or with thin socks) on the mat.
At your computer desk; rest your arms on it.
Put your feet on it while you watch TV.
Sit on the mat while you relax in an easy chair.
Better Earthing Wrap


Best suited to recovery from injury or pain relief.
Set it up next to your sofa or easy chair so you can use easily through the day.
Better Earthing Bedding


Silver Slumber Earthing Sleep System Bed View

Get 8 hours earthing while you sleep.
Choose from our fitted or universal underlay sheet and/or an inner pillowcase.
Earthing Band Kits


Small Better Earthing Band on Wrist

Wear on your wrist, ankle, foot, arm or thigh whilst resting.


Each band connects to a 6m lead and earthing adapter so it is best worn while seated.

Irrespective of their size or shape, all of our products are designed to bring free electrons from the earth into your body. They must be connected to the earth in order to work. Their purpose is to ground your body to the earth’s surface.

The earth’s surface has a subtle, negative charge created by atmospheric pressure and all lightning strikes around the world. Its gentle, subtle energy stabilises our body’s bioelectrical systems. Find out more in What is Grounding.

You can measure your connection to the earth with a multimeter. The millivolts in your body approach zero when you are earthed.

How do Grounding Products Work?

Grounding products work by bringing free electrons from the earth’s surface into your body.

They are made (partly or wholly) of conductive materials such as silver-coated fibre, carbon fibre or stainless steel fibre. This is because conductive materials allow the flow or transfer of electrons from the earth.

You can connect your earthing product to the earth in two main ways:

1/ Grounding Rod

Visibly connect your products to the earth outside with a grounding rod or metal stake that you plant into the dirt. Our grounding rod kits come standard with a 15metre UV resistant outdoor lead. You can use a splitter or 4-way box to connect multiple products to a single rod.

However, if you live in an apartment or double-storey home, it may not be practical to use a grounding rod.

2/ Earthing Adapter

A convenient way to earth your products is via the third ‘earth’ port of your power point. This requires the use of a specially designed earthing lead and earthing adapter that conducts earth, not electricity. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic so no electricity can come through. For safety, we have a 50,000 Ohm resistor in our Better Earthing Lead, plus fine wires like fuse wire. This protects against the very rare event of a power surge via a building’s earth wiring. Not even a mosquito bite of power could pass through the resistor. Plus the fine wires would burn out, creating a barrier before the resistor is reached. This means you can leave your Better Earthing products plugged in all the time.

Common Questions – Do Your Products Differ in Strength?

Not all earthing products are the same. They do differ in strength and longevity (more on this later).

The main factors that influence the relative strength are:

  1. the conductivity of the materials used
  2. the size of the product,
  3. the amount of body contact you have with the product

Generally speaking, silver and stainless steel fibres are more conductive than carbonised rubber.

However, the size and the amount of body contact is an influencing factor too.

For example, if you are lying on an earthing grounding underlay that’s covering your entire mattress, most of your body will be in contact with the sheet. So if you have a pain in your foot and wrist, both will be earthing at the same time, plus you’ll likely have a deeper more relaxing sleep.

By comparison, a mini sleep pad (50cm by 100cm) is not as full an experience as earthing underlay that covers the whole bed. You can roll off a sleep pad during the night and your legs will likely be off to the side and not directly earthing. On a mattress-sized earthing product, wherever you move, your body will be over the top of the underlay and will be earthing.

If your budget only allows for a smaller product, you can still experience benefits with regular earthing. Consider our versatile fabric grounding mat which you can use during the day or night.

With grounding, benefits tend to accumulate over time so the most important thing is to get started.

Do Earthing Products Differ in Quality?

Some products can lose their effectiveness within 3-to-12months due to poor design or poor quality materials, even when you care for them properly. We started the Better Earthing product range to provide ourselves and others with reliable, long-lasting earthing products that are backed by a written warranty.

Get a Warranty

For your peace of mind, we give a manufacturer warranty on the earthing effectiveness of all of our products (ranging from 1 year to 5 years). This goes beyond defective sewing. It guarantees that your product will continue to earth properly for the duration of the warranty. We believe that when you invest in a product for your health, it is imperative that it works reliably and effectively. Find out more about our warranty.

Better Earthing offers the longest manufacturer warranties on earthing products worldwide.

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