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Here’s What You Need to Know about Buying Better Earthing’s Australia Made Grounding Products, effective from December 1, 2019.

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NZ duty free under 1000 after Dec 1, 2019
Buying from NZ for orders over $1000 NZ
earthing sheet underlay testimonial

I initially got the better earthing sheet underlay for a queen bed. It has changed my health and life more than anything else. Sleeping in my bed is heaven now. I have since got all Better Earthing’s other products and now have ordered my adult children earthing products. Thank you so much!

Des W, New Zealand

Better Earthing Underlays – fitted and universal (flat sheet underlay that fits all-sizes of bed) are Under $1000 (Customs and GST free).

grounding sheet testimonial

I have been sleeping better and do feel more calm plus I have more energy so I’m very happy with the earthing sheet underlay.

Beth S, New Zealand

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testimonial grounding pad

I use two pads, one under my bed sheet. During the past month, good SOLID sleep – on one occasion for 10 hours. I have the other pad in a pillow case on the floor beneath my computer and when chilly I have woollen socks on my feet. I think the pads are the best option both for portability, wear and tear and washing options. Have just ordered two more pads for family.

Yvonne F, Hamilton

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